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Volunteer Testimonials 
Ralanta and Kelly on the mower.jpeg

"Volunteering with Pasture to Produce was a great way to be physically active, be outside and work together toward a common goal. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience!"

-Pasture to Produce Volunteer

Trish harvesting.jpeg

"I enjoyed the community participation.  It was impressive."

-Pasture to Produce Volunteer

Cindy with a haybale.jpeg

"The amount of produce which was generated was fantastic.  None of the produce was wasted.  It went to someone’s table."

-Pasture to Produce Volunteer


"We had a great leadership team who put together the project and gathered people to make it happen.  Those who couldn’t dig helped pay for the equipment and supplies. I am thankful for the neighbors who provided the field."

-Pasture to Produce Volunteer

Recipient Testimonials 


"The Pasture to Produce project provided lots of fresh, locally grown produce to many families in our community this summer. We were able to offer zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, carrots, and sweet potatoes in abundance. This produce was in addition to the food that families came to us for and families were very open, receptive, and appreciative of the fresh produce. The families we serve are especially big on produce and to have locally grown made it so much more appealing to them. Living in a rural community where many families have traditionally grown their own gardens, families know not only how much love and care goes into growing the produce but also how good produce tastes when it comes straight from the garden. They were very excited to receive the fresh produce and we were so pleased to be able to partner with Pasture to Produce to bring healthy options to our families. We are looking forward to seeing this program grow in years to come and pray it will be a resource that continues to nourish many needy families."

-Feeding Greene, Inc

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